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The Status Escalate podcast is a bi-weekly music business show where you will learn tips and tricks of the trade from guests who've gained success in various fields of business. From artists and musicians to successful entrepreneurs of all sorts, providing "outside of the box" ways to approach your career. From promotional strategies and social media tips to my Top 3 (Dos, Don'ts & Must Haves), we're providing tools and info to help plan and execute your next moves in the music business.
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Nov 23, 2016
Today’s guest from the Rhyme and Reason show on 101.1FM The Beat in Phoenix, Arizona. My brotha Mattlocks. Not only is my dude a radio personality and a DJ but he’s also a photographer, marathon runner and he teaches a music business class at Phoenix University. 
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01:24 - Guest Introduction
02:04 - Rhyme and Reason indie Hip-Hop show
03:10 - Exposed to music by family
04:00 - Trading Tapes: Getting underground music before the internet
05:30 - Early Hip-Hop inspirations
07:15 - Don’t let people borrow your tapes!
08:50 - Kahlee’s early Hip-Hop years
11:00 - Easy sometimes equals less special moments
12:40 - Hip-Hop rules not being respected
18:50 - Classic Hip-Hop Stations
19:40 - Radio, Podcasting, Satellite Radio
22:44 - "Everybody wants FREE"
24:57 - Growning an audience through podcasting
26:30 - Numbers don’t lie but are relative
29:10 - People navigate through the bull-shit
30:40 - Finding music for Rhyme and Reason Radio
33:11 - Submitting music to Radio DJs
36:14 - Soaking up game
37:20 - Make friends with the DJ
38:00 - Strip clubs break music too
39:20 - A good song submission email
40:10 - Embrace the criticism
41:08 - You must have tough skin
43:50 - Daily Routines: Exercise & Meditation
47:47 - Life Hacks: Time Management & Drinking Water
50:20 - Running and setting goals for a marathon
53:10 - Daily Obstacles: Don’t take things personal
**Listen to the AudioBook: The Four Agreements for free at
57:53 - Failure turned success: Being too comfortable
1:04:23 - Rules for collaboration: Gotta be good people
1:10:16 - Ensuring Execution: Dream Board, Keeping a Calendar, and accountability 
1:16:10 - Top 3
Do: have passion
Don’t: be negative
Must Have: Humility
1:21:50 - Words to live by: Treat people the way you want t be treated
1:24:00 - Contact info and outro
Rhyme and Reason Radio - Friday Nights from Midnight - 2am 
For Past shows visit: 
Listen at or on the AZ The Beat App: iTunes | Google Play
-Music Business class at Phoenix College in Phoenix, AZ: Music Business 109 & 110
Instructor: Matthew Kirkpatrick
*Contact Mattlocks*
Social Media =  @RhymeRadio


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