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The Status Escalate podcast is a bi-weekly music business show where you will learn tips and tricks of the trade from guests who've gained success in various fields of business. From artists and musicians to successful entrepreneurs of all sorts, providing "outside of the box" ways to approach your career. From promotional strategies and social media tips to my Top 3 (Dos, Don'ts & Must Haves), we're providing tools and info to help plan and execute your next moves in the music business.
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Feb 15, 2017

This episode I’m talking with my homeboy 60 East. He’s a man of many hats as well, from Booking Agent, Public Speaker & P.R., to international touring artist and much more. 60’s on tour in Europe at the moment, but I caught up with him before he left, to talk about a few things that keep him on course and motivated for success. 

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