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The Status Escalate podcast is a bi-weekly music business show where you will learn tips and tricks of the trade from guests who've gained success in various fields of business. From artists and musicians to successful entrepreneurs of all sorts, providing "outside of the box" ways to approach your career. From promotional strategies and social media tips to my Top 3 (Dos, Don'ts & Must Haves), we're providing tools and info to help plan and execute your next moves in the music business.
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Jul 3, 2017

#BarsWeekly is a weekly rap video release by Kahlee & Muds that will run the entirety of 2017.

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From the song, "Straight Shots" by Karmic Basis Ft. Planet Asia. Available at:

---- Lyrics ----
It's the Green City General, Fatigues and Chucks.
Dodge fitted, hoodie. Gs is Us.
Palm trees and trucks on gold Ds where police'll bust.
Slang Ps bruh. In cheese we trust.
Every race in a race for the bucks. Pace, High Ace with a flush, We royal.
How 'bout you let the floor and your knees touch.
Salute a barracuda. Fists up, fixin' to get it mixed up for guda.
Who the shooter, Lee Swagger to get your wrists cut.
So keep your lips shut, 'cause when the checks bounce, We're pulling techs out. 
Roger and Zapp that to the ounce.
It's killers, computer hackers and dealers. You know the half 'cause you feel us,, but know the whole and instead of stopping, you'll keep it going.
This ain't a vacay, we're letting the paint spray. 
We hanging from overpasses. Smog fumes and gases. Fake tits and asses.
It's Hollywood the glamorous. A sea of women savages and scandalous bastards.