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The Status Escalate podcast is a bi-weekly music business show where you will learn tips and tricks of the trade from guests who've gained success in various fields of business. From artists and musicians to successful entrepreneurs of all sorts, providing "outside of the box" ways to approach your career. From promotional strategies and social media tips to my Top 3 (Dos, Don'ts & Must Haves), we're providing tools and info to help plan and execute your next moves in the music business.
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Dec 21, 2016
This show I’m talking with Aswan Morgan. Also known to many in the Hip-Hop world as Free Speech. My man's made quite a name for himself in the music scene even grabbing great blog placements early on with sites like Okayplayer, and others. But outside of the music he’s always been about his business and presentation. 
Over the years he’s consulted for, worked with and founded multiple companies in the tech world. From helping solidify already established companies to start ups like his current The site where you will find the lowest possible prices on flights internationally and domesticly…domestic.. you know what I mean get off my back.
He’s also the Head of personalization consulting at Rich Relevance which means if you’d ever bought something online from a Costco, khols or Urban Outfitters amongst many others, Aswan may be responsible for making your shopping experience easier. 
We speak on how to personalize your webstore to make more online sales and so much more in the question section. We definitely got a good one for you today.
We also have our lucky winner for the Farmers Market/Status Escalate contest and will announce his or her name at the next break. Thank you for subscribing, rating and reviewing the show on iTunes and for spreading the word to others that can benefit by listening.
1:48 - Guest Introduction
3:45 - What is
5:26 - How I met Free Speech
5:55 - Presentation is key
7:05 - Always been ahead of the curve
9:24 - Transition from music
11:50 - Everything is Different Now (Video)
**Watch the video:
13:36 - Free Speech images in Distant Relatives video w/Nas and Damian Marley
**Watch the video:
15:50 - Last musical releases
**Link to Laffy Taffey Rots Your Teeth:
16:42 - Options to monetize your website (affiliate networking vs. banners/ads)
20:25 - Simple tips on improving your website and store
23:05 - improve sales by simplifying shoppers experience
31:48 - R&B/Soul Singer, “Aaradhna" refuses “Urban/Hip-Hop album of the year”
**Link to watch video:
36:20 - Where did you see yourself as a child?
39:20 - How diversity of classes can affect your life
44:41 - Daily Routines
45:18 - Life Hacks
47:33 - Daily Obstacles
51:18 - Success turned Failure or Failure turned Success
53:25 - Ensuring action and execution
54:25 - Rules for collaboration and partnerships
56:45 - Book, Movie or Reading suggestion
1:01:33 - Top 3
-Do ask questions and challenge institutions
-Don’t just accept things that are tribal knowledge
-Must have a sincere understanding of what makes you happy
1:06:08 - Words to live by
1:08:35 - Stress forces growth and progress
**Link to watch the video:
1:10:55 - Visit for the cheapest flights available
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Status Escalate is a PR company who’s purpose is to create awareness for you as an artist and expand your brand. Status Escalate's been spreading the word on new, up and coming artists for years with a strong focus on Hip-Hop music.
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Production by DJ Premier - Lyrics by Guru (R.I.P.)


Dec 7, 2016
This week my guest is Hip-Hop artist, author and father amongst other things, Propaganda from Humble Beast records. We discuss everything from keeping your family relationship strong while on the road, avoiding the trap of being labeled a certain type of artist, and getting paid while giving away your music for free.
Contest Alert
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The deadline to win is Dec 18th so jump on that before it’s too late… 
1:45 - Intro/Who is Propaganda?
3:38 - Christian MC or MC who is Christian?
7:05 - Limiting yourself as an artist
9:03 - Common misconceptions of a christian rap artist
12:00 - Touring with Murs
15:15 - Propaganda’s first book, “I Am Becoming” 
*More info on “I Am Becoming”
19:42 - If you had to choose only 1 artform, what would it be?
21:05 - Using methods of drawing to create songs
22:50 - Spoken word style altering rap style
23:45 - Diving into poetry
26:48 - Making money while giving away FREE music
*Quality Merchandise 
*Creating a personal connection with your fans
*Never compromise the quality of your work
34:32 - Connecting with Lecrae
*Foot Soldiers w/KRS One
*Christian Artists not working with Secular artists?
41:54 - Never hold back your kindness
44:55 - Proper etiquette
47:48 - Sponsorship Break 
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Guest Questions
48:51 - As a kid, where did you see yourself as an adult?
58:20 - Daily Routines/The life of a Hip-Hop Father
1:02:05 - Life Hacks/Considering all things
1:09:10 - How do you balance Music and Family
1:18:56 - Success turned Failure/Tour Story
1:27:22 - Ensuring execution/Accountability
1:32:16 - Rules for Collaborating or Partnering
1:37:58 - Book Recommendation/Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (And Rewards) Of Artmaking by David Bayles & Ted Orland
*Purchase the book at
1:40:44 - Top 3
*Do Hold Yourself accountable
*Don’t Take yourself too serious
*Must have really good whiskey
1:43:40 - Words to Live by/“Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly”
1:44:43 - Outro
*New record is finished and slated for a 2017 release.
*Touring in March 2017
*All Social Media platforms @PropHipHop


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Status Escalate is a PR company who’s purpose is to create awareness for you as an artist and expand your brand.
Status Escalate has been spreading the word on new, up and coming artists for years with a strong focus on Hip-Hop.
Go to the contact section at to discuss a package and rates.
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